Mother’s Day in Bushwick Expected to Unearth Many Unwanted Sights

May 14, 2017 Comments Off on Mother’s Day in Bushwick Expected to Unearth Many Unwanted Sights 232 News

Mother’s Day in Bushwick has never been pretty. Typically rife with drunken drama and Oedipal foulness, the best bet for any sane person who doesn’t want the debauchedness of Bushwick to be ruined for them is to flee town.

Standard Bushwick mother

This year isn’t expected to be any different, especially with the children raising children scene that’s cropped up in this town of late. The issue with such closeness in age between child and parent, of course, is that both parties expect the other to be more there for them than they’re capable of. And when selfishness reigns supreme in each generation, it’s hard for either side to make headway with regard to feeling “revered.”

Bushwick parent throwing Mother’s Day party

Accordingly, many Bushwick mothers are choosing to throw their own party so that they won’t feel disappointed and hurt by their own one to five year old’s total lack of interest in them. ‘Cause Christ knows the father still ain’t around to celebrate these women being mothers. But, as we all know, when the alcohol comes out with resentment-harboring mothers, shit tends to get real real. So please, for your own safety and evasion of sights that can’t be unseen this Sunday, stay inside if at all possible, avoid mother-friendly restaurants like Forrest Point and, for fuck’s sake, don’t ever live in Bushwick with your mother.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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