New App to Track Whether Landlords Actually Heat Your Apartment Backfires Amid Gaseous Tenants

October 31, 2014 1 645 News, Real Estate

Although creating an app called That’s Hot seemed like a great way to put landlords in their places with regard to keeping apartments cold in the winter in order not to break their burgeoning bank accounts, the plan has backfired in perhaps one of the most humiliating ways possible.

Poverty-stricken Bushwickian using old, cracked iPhone in the cold of his apartment to report landlord's abuse

Poverty-stricken Bushwickian using old, cracked iPhone in the cold of his apartment to report landlord’s abuse

The inventors of the app, Bradley Knowhow and Harry Feinstein, two recent Columbia graduates who came up with the idea after one winter spent living in Bushwick, did not account that a large part of an apartment’s heated temperature stems from tenants with atrocious gas problems–and we’re not talking the ConEd kind.

The heat's working, your bowels are not

The heat’s working, your bowels are not

With the cold weather heating up this past week, a spike in the reported number of negligent landlords was investigated by several building supers, all of whom insisted that the temperatures were up to code. Still, the complaints persisted, prompting a deeper investigation that led one super’s nose straight to the bathroom, where one of the inhabitants had just let a huge fart rip while taking a shit. Milos Gadafi, the super who had the epiphany that farts are more powerful in the winter in terms of affecting one’s surrounding temperature, immediately demanded that Knowhow and Feinstein’s app be made null. Shamed by their failure, Knowhow and Feinstein could not be reached for comment and are currently working on a 2.0 version that will inevitably cause another stink among niggardly (it’s not a racist word) landlords when it rolls out later this winter.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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