New Hairstyle Incorporating Every Hairstyle Currently All the Rage

May 30, 2015 1 693 Beauty

Because Bushwickians are at the forefront of everything, particularly when it comes to aesthetics, the latest hairstyle to gain popularity in the neighborhood is one that incorporates all of the most popular ones. That’s right, it’s a combination dreadlock, bob, A-line, beehive, chignon and mohawk.

The depth of Winehousewintour's intricacies

The depth of Winehousewintour’s intricacies

The pioneer of this breathtaking new look is hairdresser Amyanna Winehousewintour, a tress innovator at Pickthorn. “The idea came to me while I was trying to give a man with a Jheri curl a revamp. I couldn’t seem to get rid of the style without just building on top of it. That’s when it struck me to incorporate as many ‘dos as possible into one. So far, it’s been working best on women.”

A simpler version of the style

A simpler version of the style

A base rate for the hairstyle starts at $500, with additional fees applied to those who have minimal hair or an excess of hair to work with. “Sure, it’s somewhat discriminatory, but I can’t create or detract hair on people’s heads, so it’s kind of necessary.” Customers walking out of the salon with the hottest new look are raving, “Everyone notices me and usually wants to fuck me or offer me a job.” So book your appointment ASAP if you want to get in at least five months from now (though the style will most likely be over by then–just look at the grandma chic hair trend).

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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