New Pancake House in Bushwick Swipes Marketing Gimmick from Arrogant Swine

October 9, 2014 3 780 Local Business, News, Restaurants

If you love barbeque and tattoos, then you undoubtedly went to the opening of Arrogant Swine a couple days ago. Located in the strange ether where 3rd Ward used to be, another new restaurant is taking entire pages out of the Arrogant Swine playbook by not only opening their business just two doors over, but also stealing their highly effective marketing tactic of offering free pancake-themed tattoos on the day they open.

Passionate about pancakes

Passionate about pancakes

Syrra Py, the owner of the new breakfast haven, called Stacked, was open and up-front with The Burning Bush about why she felt the need to steal Arrogant Swine’s effective business steez. “Basically, no one wants anything original in Bushwick anymore. For me to come up with my own marketing strategy would be utterly pointless and a waste of my valuable pancake-making time.”

Syrra Py's own tattoo showing her love for pancakes

Syrra Py’s own tattoo showing her love for pancakes

But at least Py has a semi-innovative concept on her hands, specializing specifically in vegetable-filled pancakes. “I just want to give people something really nutritious when they come in hungover,” Py gushed. The opening of Stacked will take place Friday, October 10 at 9 a.m. Pancake tattoo options include the image of a stack of pancakes with the word “Stacked” underneath it, a butter pat with the phrase “Melt in your mouth” underneath it, an Aunt Jemima syrup bottle and an anti-waffle sentiment with the image of a waffle and the phrase “I don’t waffle” underneath it. You must order breakfast in order to receive one complementary tattoo, limit one per person. 

Written by Genna Rivieccio