New Year’s Eve Menu At Dear Bushwick to Include Light Courses of Imported Air

December 31, 2014 3 777 News, Restaurants

While not every restaurant in Bushwick is prepared to make special menu changes for the New Year, the bougier establishments, like Northeast Kingdom and Mominette, are all too willing to cater to those who want to spend a good chunk of their Christmas bonuses on specialty fare to inaugurate the passage of more time and the inevitable ousting of certain residents as they get ever closer to their thirties.

Reggie Eager awaits anxiously to serve New Year's Eve customers air

Reggie Eager awaits anxiously to serve New Year’s Eve customers air

Dear Bushwick is just one such restaurant aiding in making Bushwickians’ culinary dreams come true for the new year. The head chef of the restaurant, Farquay Thinproponent, a 41-year-old from Leeds, explained his unique main courses for the New Year’s Eve menu to The Burning Bush. “I know that a lot of people are coming down from a high of sugar, chocolate, alcohol and general grossness. They see what they’ve become just as the new year is approaching, and this ordinarily makes them shy away from having dinner out. But my light serving of air in assorted flavor infusions is a surefire way to keep them happy about their weight and make it worth my while to stay open on the 31st.”

Main course of air served with a side of parsley

Main course of air served with a side of parsley

The Burning Bush had a chance to speak with the first diners of the evening, Shawn Uncertaine and Julie Skuhnay, a couple looking for an expensive way to celebrate while getting the least bang for their buck (this is, after all the Bushwick–and general New York City–way). Skuhnay commented, “I loved my air. It was infused with a hint of lemon zest and fig-flavored water.” Uncertaine added, “Uh yeah, I think I ate something, but I’m not sure.” The cost of the prix fixe New Year’s Eve menu is sixty dollars a head (the air is imported from Britain, after all), and last minute reservations are available–so ring in your year the Kate Moss way while there’s still time.

Written by Genna Rivieccio