Now Open: Ice Cream Cone Pasties Pop-Up Store

September 10, 2014 8 3660 Local Business, News

Top secret/word-of-mouth only warehouse parties are just par for the Bushwick course. But usually, the only aftermath of them tends to be a collective neighborhood hangover. The norm was altered after Miley Cyrus showcased her penchant for transforming a white trash aesthetic into art at an Alexander Wang after-party during the haze of Bushwick Fashion Weekend (or Fashion Week, if you’re a classicist). 

Miley's titties make a fashion statement

Miley’s titties make a fashion statement

Dancing amid Porta Potty decor, Cyrus donned ice cream cone pasties that soon after became the talk of the town. The consequence? Every slut in the neighborhood is dying to emulate the look. Enter image cake shop owner Ursula Mousse, whose passion for desserts has found yet another outlet. 



Mousse gushed to The Burning Bush, “I already love Miley’s music and style so much, so for her to come to Bushwick really meant a lot to me. It gave me the idea to tap into the niche market for ice cream cone pasties.” Mousse’s pop-up store, a trailer with a giant picture of Miley licking an ice cream cone, appears at random locations in Bushwick at arbitrary times of the day biweekly. Mousse has dubbed the business Wrecking Ball Titties Inc. A pair of her handmade pasties currently sells for $1,000 ($2,000 for a special package featuring an image cake of MIley and a grill decorated with ice cream charms).