Old Stanley’s Empire Spreads To Defunct Pizza Chain Norbert’s

July 10, 2015 1 788 Local Business, News

Amid rumors of drug frontery, Norbert’s was forced to shutter its doors back in early February. Since then, Little Skip’s has been able to reign freely over the corner near Willoughby Avenue without the threat of a potentially more alluring business infiltrating Norbert’s former post. But not anymore.

The shuttered establishment has served its last grandma slice

The shuttered establishment has served its last grandma slice

Old Stanley’s, which has been doing big things lately, what with their backyard recently opening, is continuing to make their presence in Bushwick known by taking up occupancy in the space at the corner of Myrtle Avenue and Charles Place. The bar manager, Linden Barry, expressed his excitement over opening what will be called Young Betty’s.

The door to Norbert's will invite you no more

The door to Norbert’s will invite you no more

“We’re gonna bring the vibe of Old Stanley’s to Young Betty’s, but with a slightly more sophisticated feel. And of course there will be gimlets,” stated Barry. The drink price average is going to be a bit higher than your standard dive bar, but with the only other competition nearby being Miraculous, it’s likely Old Stanley’s will easily build on its empire.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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