Old Stanley’s Opens Backyard to Compete With Other Bushwickian Bar Alternatives

July 1, 2015 4 632 Bars

As far as bars go, you’re nothing in this town without a backyard. Between the whimsical Midsummer Night’s Dream outdoor areas of Forrest Point, Three Diamond Door and Mominette, sleeper bar Old Stanley’s, located at the corner of Menahan Street and Wyckoff Avenue, has decided to come up swinging.

Before, the bar felt oppressive without a backyard to retreat to

Before, the bar felt oppressive without a backyard to retreat to

Granted, the backyard area is merely a small square of concrete with one of those cardboard cutouts of people with head holes you can stick your own into. But still, that’s more than other bars, like Lecken der Bier, can offer. Bar manager Linden Barry, a 25-year-old who emigrated from, where else, Michigan, stated, “The backyard at Old Stanley may possess a campy, no frills aesthetic, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have just as much charm as bougie bull shit like Dear Bushwick.”

The campy charms of Old Stanley's backyard

The campy charms of Old Stanley’s backyard

The yard, which only opened last week, is already drawing in the lower income hipster masses at an incredible rate, with beer sales up 107%, according to Barry, who “just wants to give the people what they want.” There is also a running competition for best Instagram photo taken with the cardboard cutout.

Written by Genna Rivieccio