Overprotective: Surge In Bushwickians Killing or Injuring Each Other Over Alcohol

October 6, 2014 3 657 News, Parties

In Bushwick, people can get a little crazy–fiendish even–over alcohol. The consequences of this lust have often resulted in brawls and poor sexual decision making skills. Never before, however, has it come to physical injury or death–until now. Who knows if it’s the macabre influence of the month of October or some unspeakable shortage of hard liquor we’re not yet fully aware of? Whatever the case, the violence that’s been occurring can’t be ignored.

The hammer that began the chaos

The hammer that began the chaos

It all began Friday at a party celebrating the release of Dull State, a zine run by Andre Harris. The gathering started out innocently enough, with light cocktails (sometimes referred to as shandies) and cheese-wrapped bologna. But as the night progressed, a gleam started to develop in each person’s eye as the alcohol supply waned. The first perpetrator to react to having no alcohol was Riis Cudolf, who grabbed a stray hammer from a table and bludgeoned Harris, who happened to be standing at the wrong place at the wrong time, with it. The primeval act quickly spread to other parties this past weekend, culminating in even more rushes to Woodhull than the crucifixion fad

Written by Genna Rivieccio