Parental Guidance Suggested: More Parents Moving Into the Neighborhood

June 25, 2014 1 1049 News, Real Estate

It’s no secret that many of the denizens of Bushwick still need their hand held by their parents. So it makes sense that with this irrepressible desire to remain close (both figuratively and literally) to the ones that gave them life, more and more millennials are asking their parents to move into the neighborhood.

The woes and needs of millennial Bushwickians

The woes and needs of millennial Bushwickians

For those who were already from New York, mainly Long Island, the move for their parents seems like a natural occurrence. Or at least it certainly makes more sense than forcing one’s children to prostrate themselves by going to Long Island on a semi-regular basis. But for those transplanted from farther corners of the country, chiefly California, it seems almost disgustingly coddling for their progenitors to schlep across the U.S. to come to this shit hole when they could be enjoying golden sunshine and cheap cigarettes. As of now, most of the parents are migrating to the Jefferson stop, where the most blatant echoes of suburbia exist. The Burning Bush will keep you updated about any shifting migrating patterns of parents throughout Bushwick so you can avoid the bars in that area.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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