Period Blood Tagger At Large in Bushwick

January 11, 2015 3 706 Art, News

As we’ve been shown time and time again, Bushwick is the capital of all things gross and none too subtly unsanitary. From public blow jobs to ebola outbreaks in strip clubs, this neighborhood has no shame when it comes to swapping bodily fluids. The latest example of this comes in the form of an at large graffiti tagger known only as “Rossa” (we have reason to believe she’s Italian), who has been plaguing the walls of Bushwick with her period blood.

The period tagging started small, in the bathrooms of local bars

The period tagging started small, in the bathrooms of local bars

Rossa has also been known to leave her calling card in the stalls of both male and female bathrooms in bars all throughout Bushwick, the latest being Alaska, which has already had enough of a traumatic past as it is. The Burning Bush spoke to the victim who first discovered the period blood as she was drunkenly trying to take a piss. “At first I thought it was just ordinary graffiti, I’ve become so desensitized to Bushwick bathrooms, after all. But then, when I accidentally grazed up against it, blood covered my entire sleeve. I don’t think I’ve ever shrieked so loud in my life.”

One of Rossa's more impressionistic calling cards

One of Rossa’s more impressionistic calling cards

This is not the first time Rossa has caused emotional havoc or post-traumatic stress syndrome to Bushwick residents. Another victim, Derek Pusey, a 23-year-old musician living in Coagulate, confessed, “I’ve gotten period blood on my back more times than I can count. I don’t know how this Rossa person has so much fucking blood to spread around. She’s gotta be stealing samples from other women.” This would, in fact, be a genius approach to never being identified by the police. And so, it looks like we all need to watch our backs for awhile if we want to avoid having to go to that overpriced eco dry cleaner on Flushing Avenue.

Written by Genna Rivieccio