Plastic Bags Perform Interpretive Dances Throughout Bushwick

August 19, 2014 1 831 News, Performance Art

Just like Ricky Fitts in American Beauty, Bushwickians are finding themselves in utter awe of the plastic bags that have been dancing through the streets. In ordinary neighborhoods like Williamsburg or South Slope, there aren’t even any plastic bags to admire because of how clean the streets are. In shitty neighborhoods like Brownsville or any part of the Bronx, the plastic bags are too weighed down by other trash to really fly. This is what makes Bushwick the ideal neighborhood for plastic bag performance art. 

This artful stunner was blowing around on Evergreen

This artful stunner was blowing around on Evergreen

Some residents have become so enthralled by the interpretive dances of the bags, they can’t even seem to concentrate on anything else, losing track of time altogether and often showing up late to work as a result. One such Bushwickian, Gerald Daedreama, a 22-year-old who works at Vice Versa, has been experiencing the hypnotic effect of the plastic bags more regularly than most.

A frequent hazard of the plastic bags' artis getting trapped in a tree

A frequent hazard of the plastic bags’ artis getting trapped in a tree

Daedreama confessed to The Burning Bush, “I just get so enraptured when I see these bags dance. It’s a different performance every time. I’ll often follow their show for half a mile, which can lead me way off my normal route to work.” Daedreama isn’t the only one to find a curious appeal in the freestyle ways of the plastic bags. A 44-year-old ex-drama teacher named Hank Lifemissin has expressed a desire to capture the bags and put them in an enclosed area with an industrial fan to try to charge people to watch the show without having to chase after it. When Daedreama learned of this plan from The Burning Bush, “He exclaimed, “No! To take them out of their natural environment would ruin all the integrity of the performance.” The Burning Bush will keep you updated as to whether Lifemissin succeeds with his goal. Though we doubt the coalition of performance artists in the neighborhood would allow this threat to their livelihood to occur.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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