Plus Size Wig Store Comes to Bushwick to Accommodate Bushwig Later This Year

February 25, 2015 1 600 Local Business, News

For anyone (particularly a drag queen) who has ever suffered the detrimental consequences of having a head that’s too large to fit into a normal-sized wig, help is on the way. A new plus size wig outpost called Phat Head will be making its debut next Monday at the corner of Wyckoff Avenue and Greene Avenue.

A larger headed display mannequin on display at Phat Head

A larger headed display mannequin on display at Phat Head

Samuel Mondonoggin, a 34-year-old who has been dressing in drag since age 16, explained his passion for opening this store to The Burning Bush. “As someone that’s always had trouble finding the perfect wig to fit me–one that was comfortable, with not even the slightest bit of tightness–I understand other drag queens and even women with the same problem. I wanted to eradicate the sense of shame one feels after trying to put on a wig they really like and then realizing it’s just too snug.”

"If it doesn't feel good, it doesn't fit," said Mondonoggin.

“If it doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t fit,” said Mondonoggin.

The opening of Phat Head comes during the off season for Bushwig, which generally occurs around September, but Mondonoggin feels opening now will give him plenty of time to cultivate his inventory. “Every year, Bushwig gets bigger (pardon the word choice), and I know I’m going to be selling a lot of plus size wigs when the time comes. In the meantime, I’m not worried about the demand. Plenty of strippers need wigs too.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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