Popular Bushwick Artist’s Work Has Never Been Seen

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“If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”


This philosophical question regarding the perception of reality may be something to consider when attempting to demystify the legitimacy of popular Bushwick artist, Dane Bradley. Dane frolics about the streets of Bushwick with paint underneath his fingernails and spattered on his t-shirts, frequents local hot spots, and is present at nearly every art show and gallery opening the neighborhood has to offer. On the surface, everything about him adds up to the typical, ubiquitous Bushwick painter, but at a closer glance something doesn’t quite fit. He is one of Bushwick’s most well known artists, yet nobody can recount an occasion in which they’ve actually seen any of his work.

Bushwick superstar, Dane Bradley.

Bushwick superstar, Dane Bradley.

One man, who wishes to maintain his anonymity in trepidation of potentially tarnishing his social status, claims that he and Dane Bradley have been good friends for years and that he still has yet to see the art that Bradley professes his passion for so fervently.

“I can recall a few occasions in the past years that I’ve known Dane in which me and other friends of ours would be invited to attend art shows he had mentioned his paintings would be featured in. We would all arrive eager to finally see the work he had talked so much about only to be disappointed by a blank white wall and a mere plaque stating his name. He would then go on about how his pieces weren’t yet ready to be seen and ‘but isn’t it kind of art anyway? Like, doesn’t it kind of make a statement about how one’s work is never truly finished?’ By that point it dawned on us that he was completely full of shit. There’s no art of his anywhere in his apartment either. He just tells everyone that its all in an art studio somewhere on Jefferson, but I’ve never noticed any extra keys on his keychain. Still, we continued to go along with what we were told since he was, for whatever reason, so well connected within the Bushwick art scene. Some just fake it until they make it, I suppose.”

Dane Bradley's wall of nothingness.

Dane Bradley’s wall of nothingness.

Some even say that Dane has been known to dole out business cards which include his website, which is always suspiciously under construction. We feel confident in the conclusion that Dane Bradley is more likely than not, a big fat fucking fraud and the only form of art that he can truly claim to practice is the art of bullshitting. Hmm… on second thought, perhaps he’s onto something.

Written by Nicole Benson

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