Punk-Pop Band, Dirty Whores, Sues Electropop Band, Dirty Slores

July 18, 2014 11 1164 News

In Bushwick, you have to own whatever scene you’re a part of, whether it’s writing, acting, performance art and, perhaps more than anything, music. So when someone threatens the very band name you thought was yours, it makes total sense to use your parents’ money to sue them. No one is really quite sure when they first heard the punk-pop Dirty Whores or the electropop Dirty Slores. Their dates of¬†origin depend on whether or not you’re talking to a fan. The legal case that’s expected to take place at the Bushwick People’s Court in Silent Barn on August 5th is sure to be nothing but spectacle as each band performs to prove which one is better, and therefore lay claim to the band name of their choice.

Dirty Slores deliberately model themselves after The Knife--begging the question of who's really the copycat in the scenario

Dirty Slores deliberately model themselves after The Knife–begging the question of who’s really the copycat in the scenario

The lead singer of the Dirty Whores, Tommy Noneck, was the first to realize that there was a conflict when he mistook a flier advertising the Dirty Slores’ next show at Languish for his own band’s next show. When he arrived at the venue to perform, he was confused to find Svetlana Danse and Robbie Grooveplate setting up their equipment. Noneck demanded to know the name of Danse and Grooveplate’s band, and when they told him, he punched both of them out–which isn’t really in the punk-pop spirit. This imbroglio is slated to be a part of a different court case altogether. Show your support for the musical genre of your choice by coming to watch what’s likely to be Bushwick’s most memorable battle of the bands.

Written by Genna Rivieccio