Radioactive Bar On Bushwick-Ridgewood Border Gives Patrons Liver Made of Steel

June 25, 2015 2 852 Bars, Local Business

A lot of people tend to think that having a bar located next to a former chemical company might be a bad thing. But not the owners and patrons of These Days (named as an homage to The Velvet Underground and as a semi-dig at Hellacious Times).

These Days is the "hottest spot" in town

These Days is the “hottest spot” in town

“We like what radioactivity does to our bodies,” asserted Rhonda Renegade, a 26-year-old who bartends occasionally at Onderdonk & Son. Considering the bartender’s preference for cultivating an unstoppable liver, The Burning Bush speculates that she likes how the radioactivity has turned her liver to steel.

Headed to the bar

Headed to the bar

Margaux Cirrhosis, the 29-year-old owner of These Days, claimed, “I didn’t know about no chemical plant’s residual effects when I first bought the bar, but when I found out, I thought, ‘Great! My customers are going to thank me for what having a radioactive liver can do for their personal drinking goals.'” These Days is located off the Halsey L, adding to the stop’s evermore competitive nature with the rest of Bushwick proper. Enter at your own risk and consider that it might make you the inspiration for Marvel’s next comic about an alcoholic superhero.

Written by Genna Rivieccio