Real Women Infiltrate Bushwig As A Gender Experiment

September 5, 2014 2 675 Androgyny, Fashion, News

What has now become a beloved annual Bushwick tradition, Bushwig is starting to attract more attention than ever–especially from real women who want in on the action. Started in 2012 as a one day event, more and more drag queens have been coming out of the woodwork–prompting Bushwig to expand to a full weekend. What organizer Jamanda Hologram was not prepared for was the infiltration of biological females looking to prove a point about gender illusion.

What is drag?

What is drag?

For once, the members of We the Femmes and Women Hating Women are joining forces to penetrate Bushwick’s ultimate drag showcase. With monikers of their own that could rival any drag queen’s, Anorexia Nervosa of We the Femmes and Slutta Sax of Women Hating Women have put aside their clashing views on feminism to join in an experiment that challenges conventional gender norms.

Magic's in the makeup

Magic’s in the makeup

Nervosa stated, “Slutta and I decided since drag queens think it’s so goddamn great to be a woman, we’re gonna show them that we, as women, can be even better drag queens than them in that they won’t even be able to tell we’re women.” Participants in this group of Bushwig gender experimenters will foist themselves onto the ceremony at random so that they can gauge a natural audience reaction. At the end of it all, they will burst forth from the pack to announce their womanhood diabolically. The girls will, of course, be using Cunt Face brand makeup.

Written by Genna Rivieccio