Resident Spotlight: Basique Beech

August 17, 2014 10 1660 Resident Spotlight, Uncategorized

Here at The Burning Bush, we like to get intimate (not just sexually) with the people who make Bushwick what it is. One such resident, Basique Beech, who we’ve interviewed before for an article about hipster juries, took a moment from her busy schedule as a hostess at Dear Bushwick to talk to us about what interests her and what makes her stay in Bushwick.

Beech insisted we use a selfie for her spotlight picture

Beech insisted we use a selfie for her spotlight picture

The Burning Bush: So, why did you move to Bushwick?

Basique Beech: Oh, I don’t know…I was living in Williamsburg, and there was this guy I sort of liked who I met at Skinny Dennis. When he told me he lived in Bushwick, it just sounded so quaint. I rented an apartment off Morgan the next day.

The Burning Bush: Why hostessing?

Basique Beech (sighing as she pushes back an errant strand of hair): I was a business major at Hunter, so I ultimately want to do something with that, but like, I just kind of wanted to get a taste of the plebe life. See what this “roughing it” thing is all about that so many Bushwick residents seem to enjoy. I guess the money’s good at Dear Bushwick. We generally only get old customers, like 30 year olds and stuff.

The Burning Bush: What’s your ultimate goal in life?

Basique Beech: I kind of want to be the next Mary Meyer.

The Burning Bush: Have you ever been in love?

Basique Beech: I’ve had an orgasm, if that’s what you mean.

Before The Burning Bush could continue with our line of questioning, Basique’s phone rang and she proceeded to gab on it for about ten minutes before we decided to go pick up an image cake and call it a day. Stay tuned for the next resident spotlight, where we examine the strange, two-dimensional nature of the people who call Bushwick home.

Written by Genna Rivieccio