Resident Spotlight: Erica Appliance

August 30, 2014 3 912 Resident Spotlight

Here at The Burning Bush, we like to get intimate (not just sexually) with the people who make Bushwick what it is. This week’s Resident Spotlight focuses on Erica Appliance, one of Bushwick’s own distinct breeds of housewife. In our candid exchange, we (try to) talk about Betty Draper Syndrome, the best places to buy home accents in the area and her favorite meals to prepare for her Bushwick husband.

Erica Appliance, in a typical outfit she wears to cook vegan food

Erica Appliance, in a typical outfit she wears to cook vegan food

The Burning Bush: So did you ever have a slutty phase while living in Bushwick?

Erica Appliance: Um, I don’t know… I guess. I mean, doesn’t everyone have to have one for a few months when they first move here? It’s not like I was prostitute level or anything. But sure, there were some nights I woke up next to a stranger because it was easier than having to drunkenly walk home.

The Burning Bush: How did you meet your Bushwick husband and how do you feel about the fact that he refuses to be identified?

Erica Appliance: I met my Bushwick husband at a sober art gallery, and so I kind of knew our interests would be similar when I let him toss my salad later that night. As for him not wanting to be identified, I don’t take offense. There’s actually some really humble people still left in this world who just aren’t comfortable with fame.

The Burning Bush: So how long after that did you guys move in together?

Erica Appliance: About a week. His lease happened to be up, so I told my roommate to leave and then invited him to live with me.

The Burning Bush: Where did you go to furnish your apartment?

Erica Appliance (twirling her hair): That place off Jefferson that those Jewish people own. Does it even have a name? Anyway, I bought a few like end tables and random glasses there. My place is looking super cute. Especially since I collaged my living room wall with all my Instagram selfies.

The Burning Bush: Do you believe in Betty Draper Syndrome?

Erica Appliance: I believe in it whole-heartedly. Wait, by Betty Draper Syndrome do you mean like being totally content with pleasing your man or do you mean more like Betty Francis Syndrome where she’s just trying to tell herself that she’s happy again after giving up Don? I kind of forgot what the question was.

The Burning Bush: What’s your favorite recipe to cook?

Erica Appliance: I like to pick vegetables from a fresh batch of trash on the street and then sprinkle it with a little bit of pepper and oregano. My Bushwick husband just adores it.

Note: the term “Bushwick husband” means someone you’re living with but will probably number.