Wanting to Show Reverence For A Time She Never Really Knew, Riley Pinkerton Will Dress As Paris Hilton at Diamondlands Show to Honor Nov. 27, 2006 “Bimbo Summit”

November 27, 2017 0 153 Music

Though Riley Pinkerton had little cognizance of one of the most important “summits” of the decade, she is taking the fact that her show at Diamondlands is falling on November 27th as a sign. To honor the Paris Hilton/Britney Spears/Lindsay Lohan hangout session that shocked the globe at the time of its occurrence, Pinkerton is going to be giving a little homage.

Wasn’t exactly coherent in the mid-00s

And no, it’s not just an out of genre cover of Hilton’s “Stars are Blind.” She’ll also be joined at one point on the stage by openers Mima Good and Noy Markel, the latter of whom is most suited to embodying the Lindsay Lohan role for the evening. Mima, on the other hand is ready and willing to take on Britney.

The bill

“My album, Songs of a Sea Bitch is basically like Blackout. It’s just as simultaneously dark and uplifting,” commented Mima on her affinity with Britney and the hangout session anniversary. Noy, on the other hand, grudgingly stated, “I’ve obviously got more musical talent in my pinkie nail than Lindsay, but I understand the importance of being a good sport, and being cooperative with my fellow artists. So I’m respecting Riley’s choice to show tribute to these three completely vacuous women. I mean, you wouldn’t catch me dead without my underwear on in public.” But tonight, you just might when you check out the show at Diamondlands where the past and the present of niche pop culture will collide.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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