Rivalry Alert: L-Mo’s and Brooklyn’s Natural

October 16, 2014 6 797 Food, Local Business, News

It’s no real secret that the only two grocery stores/bodega-like entities off the Morgan stop have long been feuding over who’s more powerful in terms of catering to drunk and/or hungover people in the neighborhood. However, this discord has reached a crescendo of late in the wake of two employees warring privately over who makes the best breakfast sandwich.

L-Mo's has that Curlz font edge over Brooklyn's Natural

L-Mo’s has that Curlz font edge over Brooklyn’s Natural

Fernando Huevo, the chief sandwich maker at Brooklyn’s Natural, threw down the gauntlet earlier this week by naming one of his concoctions “The Better Than Anything L-Mo’s Has Ever Made Special.” The response from Alonso Tocino, the mac daddy of the sandwich scene at L-Mo’s, was to send a number of patrons into Brooklyn’s Natural and have them spit out the special right in front of Huevo’s face. All has been quiet on the Morgan front since then, but we at The Burning Bush sense a storm a-brewin’. 

Produce is a factor to consider in this rivalry

Produce is a factor to consider in this rivalry

Loyalists to each grocery store have already taken sides, with L-Mo’s enthusiasts touting the superiority of its produce and flowers scene (not to mention that sweet Curlz font on their awning) and Brooklyn’s Natural champions espousing the supremacy of their menu and bourgeois food offerings. While it’s possible that the dissension could remain unstoked, I think we all know that the fires of jealousy in Bushwick always have a need to fanned. 

Written by Genna Rivieccio