Roberta’s Holiday Market to Offer Smattering of Weird Shit

November 26, 2014 Comments Off on Roberta’s Holiday Market to Offer Smattering of Weird Shit 628 Art, Local Business, Pizza

Regardless of how corporate Roberta’s has become, you can always count on their annual holiday market to bring you a cornucopia of bizarre fare for sale. But this year, Roberta’s is really outdoing themselves by offering up an unheard of amount of performance artists, caricature portraitists and necromancy.

Vintage ad for Roberta's Holiday Market

Vintage ad for Roberta’s Holiday Market

While some may remember the tensions of the 2012 holiday market, during which time two unnamed parties were at war over a clothing line whose merchandise was being sold there, Roberta’s expects nothing but good vibes and weird times at this year’s event. The organizer of the affair, Jillian Dadisgurl, a 20-year-old who took charge of the market when her parents threatened to cut her off if she didn’t rein in the partying and channel her energies into “something positive,” confirmed the following: “We’ve got a lot of talented people showcasing their, um, talents I guess, at this year’s event. Ursula Mousse will be there with her artisanal pop tarts, ice cream pasties and image cakes, as well as Matilde Grenadi, the innovator behind Sultry socking. Oh and Mystique Darqnis will also be there to offer tarot readings.”

Call for vendors

Call for vendors

Roberta’s Holiday Market will be held from December 12th-13th (incidentally, the day of the much feared SantaCon). If you’re in the area, we recommend you pick up a Bushwick-scented candle and some Bushwick-themed makeup in addition to the food and drink you’ll inevitably be drawn to. Because how will people know you went to Bushwick if you haven’t bought into some of its branding?

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