Satanist Church Opens On Grand Under Guise of Being “Art Gallery”

December 2, 2017 Comments Off on Satanist Church Opens On Grand Under Guise of Being “Art Gallery” 297 Art, News, Religion

Charles Manson might be freshly dead, but that doesn’t mean his acolytes aren’t alive and well at the Vortex Gallery, half art space, half satanist church where women sit around watching a naked man writhe about with a popcorn headdress. If it sounds slightly sinister, well, that’s because it is. For there’s really no truer statement than “art” in Bushwick being the work of the devil, wreaking diabolical havoc on all eyes.

Let us pray–to Satan

Founded by the mysterious millionaire CC DuLime, a man estimated to be somewhere between twenty-eight and forty-eight years old, the Vortex Gallery initially opened with the sole pretense of being an “art space” alone, but in the brief time it’s been open, CC’s hypocrisy has made him more powerful than ever. After all, this is the same person who closed the Lower East Side incarnation of the “venue” with the statement, “New York City will be a metaphor for something once great that has since died. And what a slow and excruciating death this will be, until at last the city falls into its dreamless and unending deathly sleep.” And lo and behold, look who’s come crawling back to the epicenter of “excruciating death”: Bushwick.

Apparently not content to watch the city’s so-called “dreamless and unending deathly sleep” from afar, DuLime has honed in on the hub of inhumanity and destruction to rebuild his Satanist empire under the ultimate front: artistic expression. This often comes in self-aggrandizing photos wielding the Signe Pierce-tailored backdrop for Instagram. Which Satan invented, along with net neutrality and Russia.

Written by Genna Rivieccio, Suspiria extra

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