Scandal Alert: Hasidic Landlords Go to Home Depot for Repair Materials

August 14, 2014 1 1087 Uncategorized

In case you forgot, being a Hasid is a requirement for being a landlord in Bushwick. What you may also not have known is that most Hasids go to Home Depot to buy materials on the cheap for the repairs you think they’re getting a professional to do. Rather than going to a direct supply warehouse like a true professional, Hasids know that the way to save money is to do what their tenants would do: attempt to succeed in the art of DIY. 

Caught in the act!

Caught in the act!

The Burning Bush was able to get one Hasid, Malik Trahtohr, who recently switched to Reform Judaism, to speak out against what he feels is misleading behavior on the part of landlords who want to make their tenants believe they’re getting high quality repairs. Trahtohr was once a landlord who went to Home Depot in secret too, but now, he feels remorse for what he states is “cheap and tawdry.” Trahtohr went on to state, “I have renounced going to Home Depot instead of getting professional help, in addition to selling all of the buildings I own in favor of a clean conscience.” Among the buildings Trahtohr owned was the multimillion dollar enterprise known as Coagulate, as well as the church building on Bushwick Avenue. Other Hasidic landlords could not be reached for comment, as they were probably all too busy trying to outbid each other on the aforementioned structures. 

Written by Genna Rivieccio


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