Select Bushwickians Now Calling It “Bush of the Wick” Thanks to Adam Driver in While We’re Young

April 8, 2015 3 2819 Film

For those who have yet to see Noah Baumbach’s Bushwick-happy While We’re Young, the reason you’ve been hearing everyone (mainly frat boy types that hang out at Pine Box) calling it “Bush of the Wick” lately is because this is a phrase that Adam “Girls” Driver drops in the movie when inviting Ben Stiller’s character to come to the neighborhood.

On the streets of "Bush of the Wick"

On the streets of “Bush of the Wick”

After one Bushwickian, Rourke Sinafile, a 22-year-old Cinema Studies major at NYU, went to see the movie, he began using the phrase out of nowhere, as though by osmosis. “It’s not that I want to say it, I guess it’s just that Adam Driver is sort of like the Bushwick mascot now, and I just kind of wanna honor what he’s done for it.” It’s true, Driver has been quite a symbol for all things Bushwick in this film, even appearing in front of archive footage of Zukkie’s Bike Shop off Montrose, though we all know the McDonald’s replaced it long ago.

Enjoying a "Bush of the Wick" restaurant

Enjoying a “Bush of the Wick” restaurant

The term has been running rampant in other Brooklyn areas as well, with Park Slope mothers and Bed-Stuy hipsters with a superiority complex over their toughness using it in derogatory manner. As in, “You wouldn’t catch my child dead in a Bush of the Wick school” or “There hasn’t even been a stabbing in Bush of the Wick since 2014. What the fuck they know about struggle?” The Burning Bush is hoping the phrase will die out by the time the next Bushwick-related movie, called Bushwick, comes out.

Written by Genna Rivieccio, holding Lena Dunham personally responsible for making Adam Driver famous


  1. Donald Trump January 8, 2016 at 2:01 pm -

    It’s called “bougewhack” and that restaurant is in bed-stuy.