Silk Robes Encouraged For House of Maybe’s Re-Creation of Playboy Mansion

September 28, 2017 Comments Off on Silk Robes Encouraged For House of Maybe’s Re-Creation of Playboy Mansion 313 Parties

In keeping with the House of Maybe’s capitalization on the death of celebrities with signature sartorial styles, tonight’s party will honor the one, the only, the last vestige of former conventional masculinity, Hugh Hefner. To do so, of course, the first requirement is to encourage the donning of silk robes and pajamas for the ultimate honoring of a man who really made skin “in.”

The House of Maybe party will look something like this

“We’re super excited about this particular event,” commented the organizer of House of Maybe’s Hef’d Out Silk Robe Party, Candee Cayne, one of the longtime residents of the Playboy Mansion who has flown out especially to coordinate and ensure the authentic look of the venue’s interior.

Silky smooth

Interest in the event has already sparked House of Maybe to create an extension of their back room, currently divided into different themes that speak to the Playboy lifestyle (you know, orgy, bi, pan–that sort of thing). “So far this is the highest amount of RSVPs we’ve ever gotten,” stated co-owner Robby Arthandler. “Either people really love silk robes, or something about Hef’s way of living inspired them.” The Burning Bush’s guess is the former. Buy your tickets before they’re gone–the only available price point left is for $1,000 and stipulates you must bring at least three blonde haired women with breast implants.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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