Sketchy New York Loft Hostel Bar, Hail Hail, Is Just A Means to Lure in Locals for the Foreigners

August 12, 2014 2 3455 Bars, J'Accuse, Local Business

New York Loft Hostel has done some questionable shit in its day, including offer expensive timeshares for Manhattanites and specific types of foreigners, but their latest business move is its most transparently sketchy yet. An employee we’ve spoken to before from the establishment, Ivana Killmyself, who has now been promoted to the role of bar manager, sheds some light on the true intent of Hail Hail, a fly-by-night operation with price points that are suspiciously enticing (five dollars for a beer/shot or margarita!).

Hail Hail sign entices locals to "mingle" with foreigners

Hail Hail sign entices locals to “mingle” with foreigners

Killmyself, a 22-year-old praying for death to befall her rather than continue working at her job, had no problem being completely candid with The Burning Bush when she stated, “This bar is a scam. The people staying here had been complaining about Bushwickians never wanting to interact with them because of how bad they smelled or whatever, and this is management’s way of forcing it to happen.” Will this bring about an underworld of marrying for green cards and too exclusive Bushwick residency? Stay tuned as the tale continues to unfold.

Written by Genna Rivieccio