Smoking Barrel & Bensonia in Imbroglio Over Instagram Photo Crediting

January 11, 2015 3 631 News, Performance Art

In Bushwick, the only good friend is a friend who takes photos of you for Instagram without asking to be credited. Indeed, this has been a recent source of contention for local 30 Under 30 celebs Bensonia and Smoking Barrel a.k.a. The Wicked Bitch of Bushwick.

Photo crediting is key

Photo crediting is key

The two held back their bitterness toward one another at first, making subtle biting comments, as with this clandestinely recorded exchange:

Smoking Barrel: Can you make me look thinner next time? You have like a unique ability to make me look like Mo’Nique.

Bensonia: I can’t change what the camera sees. But like maybe if you gave me a fucking photo credit for being your personal photographer all the time, I might be more inspired to give a shit.

Smoking Barrel sneers to the point of looking like a bobcat.

Bensonia puts Smoking Barrel in a chokehold

Bensonia puts Smoking Barrel in a chokehold

And that was just the innocent aspect of the repartee. Things took a turn for the worse between Smoking Barrel and Bensonia late last night when Bensonia had reached her wit’s end about not being acknowledged in writing for her artistic achievements in the documentation of Smoking Barrel’s life. As Smoking Barrel was asking her to re-take yet another photo, Bensonia snapped and started trying to strangle her. The outcome resulted in the two being separated by a Bushdick they had both fucked in the past, Percy Cassel. After breaking them up, Smoking Barrel and Bensonia both went their own ways, refusing to speak to one another or resolve the issue. Smoking Barrel is currently looking for a new Instagram photographer willing to go uncredited for his or her photos.

Written by Genna Rivieccio