Some Patrons Refuse to Buy “Covfefe” Frozen Drink From Bodega to Show Zero Support for the Orange One

June 16, 2017 0 122 Bars

While some prefer to rail openly against old Trumpio a.k.a. The Orange One, others prefer to take a more undercutting approach to how they treat him, like the Broad City girls in choosing to simply bleep out his name when talking about him. The revamped Bodega, which has already caused enough of a commotion for its unexpected interior changes, has taken a more direct approach with one of its new drinks.

The frozen drink causing a commotion with some Bodega patrons

“When we decided to feature the ‘Covfefe’ frozen drink, we were partially taking inspiration from the coffee thing that Rocka Rolla serves, but we wanted to add a more timely and unique touch to it. The use of covfefe just seemed too good to pass up, but we had no idea it was going to turn so many patrons off to the idea of drinking it,” stated one of the primary bartenders, Leeza Martinelli.

The tweet that launched a thousand drink names

According to one patron, however, her decision not to order the delicious tasting (non-gender neutral beverage) stemmed from a complete lack of interest in acknowledging Trump in any way at all. “If I don’t talk about him or address his trickle down into pop culture in any way, then it’s not happening,” insisted Lara Morales, who did not vote in the election. Apparently, many others are echoing her same sentiments in not ordering the drink. And so, will the covfefe last despite the negative press covfefe?

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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