Spike Lee to Conduct Mass Hipster Genocide?

March 16, 2014 1 1521 News

Spike Lee’s recent tirade about irreverent whites coming into largely black or Hispanic neighborhoods and taking over without any regard for tradition has foretold bloodshed on the streets of Bushwick, once a haven for diversity and affordable living. Although things have calmed down a bit (seemingly) since Lee first made his derisive comments in late February, Burning Bush speculates that maybe things have been a little too quiet.

The director’s distinct stance on anti-gentrification initially sparked positive applause from white Pratt students who agreed with Lee’s assessment of Brooklyn areas becoming victims of “Christopher Columbus Syndrome.” The applause became noticeably fainter as Lee continued his rant ad infinitum. Although Lee made some admittedly valid points, the vitriol behind them is indicative of a violent manifestation. Burning Bush will keep you posted regarding any suspicious surges in riotous behavior or the sighting of any white kids being plucked from their perch by an unmarked van outside of Hana Natural.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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