Spotted: Awkwafina Giving Tours in Bushwick

June 11, 2015 Comments Off on Spotted: Awkwafina Giving Tours in Bushwick 578 Celebrity Infiltration, News

Although Awkwafina may spit lyrics like, “Bitches be in Bushwick, they all live in Bushwick/Yeah they all love Bushwick/But I say fuck that shit,” her true New Yorker spirit of wanting to make an extra dime by taking advantage of people can’t be denied. That’s why you’ve probably seen her around town giving her own personally branded tours of the neighborhood.

The girl can't help it

The girl can’t help it

“Over there on your right, you’ll see hipster pussy scum overpaying for pizza at Roberta’s and there on your left are some overpaid graffiti artists hand-painting an ad for VICE,” are just some of the cherries she’s rolled out for her exclusive and distinct tour, billed as Awkwafina’s Bushwick Guided Tour with Musical Accompaniment & Sound Effects.

Awkwafina brings the exclusivity to the tour by pretending she goes through each application filled out on the website required to be taken before being “accepted.” “Truth is, I accept whoever. But it’s important to make people think there’s an air of elitism to it,” admitted Awkwafina. The tour lasts approximately twenty minutes and costs $150 per person. A copy of her book is also available to purchase after the tour concludes.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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