Syndicated Offends With Celebration of Genderless MTV Movie Award With Schedule of Trans Films

May 9, 2017 0 191 Film

When it comes to talking gender in Bushwick these days, people can get very uppity. That’s, in part, why a genderless clothing store could thrive here. No one wants to acknowledge if they’re a man or a woman, or if they’re human at all, really. And yet, Syndicated was pure in intentions by choosing to celebrate the MTV Movie Awards’ new genderless acting category with a schedule of trans films.

Boys Don’t Cry was obviously on the list

The only problem with pure intentions, however, is that they often lead to misguided plans. That being said, the trans community was highly offended (and this, after just recovering from the Trans-Sados thing) that Syndicated would assume genderlessness simply entails being trans.

The award that spurred a Bushwick controversy

“We are a gender, okay? Don’t make your celebration of this momentous event in media history about trans people. It’s about everybody and nobody, about not acknowledging sex at all. So please take your trans film schedule and shove it up whatever you may have going on downstairs,” seethed Y, a — in — 20s with hair on — head. So yes, Syndicated may want to reconsider this homage. Though it’s not the first time the theater has offended the neighborhood.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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