Syndicated Risks Closure By “Offering” Double Feature of The Lake House and Sweet November

July 2, 2016 Comments Off on Syndicated Risks Closure By “Offering” Double Feature of The Lake House and Sweet November 579 Local Business

Syndicated has made a lot of bold programming choices since its opening back in late January of this year. From their #OscarsSoBlack alternative Academy Awards homage to their introduction of text-friendly facilities, the theater has put many people in a position to be upset. But their latest shenanigan might be the most controversial yet: screening a double bill of The Lake House and Sweet November.

They're really doing it

They’re really doing it

While, yes, it’s in keeping with the theater’s thematic trend of the month–Keanu Reeves–there is still something to be said for being a bit more selective about the actor’s canon, which is robust enough to exclude these very embodiments of the word “clunker.” Still, the current schedule creator at the theater, Mauricio Sinumaaa, a 43-year-old who recently replaced the last one, defended, “These are actually Keanu’s most brilliant films. No one does aloof romance like him.”

Even Sandra Bullock really couldn't seem to get into it

Even Sandra Bullock really couldn’t seem to get into it

But regular attendees of Syndicated have already started a petition on called “Please Don’t Ever Let The Lake House or Sweet November Ever See the Light of Day (Or In This Case, The Dark of A Theater Again)–Especially Not Back To Back.” There are currently 20,000 signatures. But so far, Syndicated fully intends to go forward with the double feature.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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