Tandem and Cobra Club Switch Metaphorical Gay Places

July 6, 2014 6 2868 Bars, bars in bushwick, Local Business, Sexuality

If you’re familiar with the gay and lesbian scene in Bushwick, you know that Tandem is an unspoken gay bar and Cobra Club is an unspoken lesbian bar. For years, straights have been subjected to the surprise (and often delight) of discovering this tacit fact about each bar. But now, those who have grown used to the assigned sexuality predilections of each bar have been forced to come to terms with an unexpected switch.

Bushwig drag festival at Tandem

Bushwig drag festival at Tandem

The owners of Tandem and Cobra Club, Glittera Homo and Ellen Lezmann, decided that, based on the names of their respective bars, it would just make more sense to re-appropriate where the gays and lesbians of Bushwick were going. Glittera told The Burning Bush, “It seems off that a gay bar would be called Tandem. Cobra Club has a much more, um, phallic connotation. So I talked it over with Ellen and she agreed immediately that Tandem would be more fitting for the lesbian community in Bushwick as well.”

The first night of Tandem's existence as a lesbian bar caught many people off guard

The first night of Tandem’s existence as a lesbian bar caught many people off guard

Devoted patrons of each bar were initially upset by the sudden and unannounced switch, but, as the days have gone on, it’s almost like Tandem was always Cobra Club and Cobra Club was always Tandem. It’s also really helped to promote the ever-increasing trend of androgyny in the area. And so, we here at The Burning Bush are confident in Bushwick’s ability to become a neighborhood with zero sexuality or gender differentiation, thereby eradicating the constant flack for being rich, white and lazy.

Written by Genna Rivieccio