Tattoo Shops Already Out of Ink As Friday the 13th Specials Reach a Crescendo During Midday

October 13, 2017 0 114 News

No stranger to lines out the door when tattoo specials are unleashed on that rare holiday, Friday the 13th, this year proves no exception to the rule. Though, last year, the line was modestly wrapped around the block from Gnostic to the bike shop, the strange spike in the number of interested parties in designs like cherries and a hand smoking a cigarette has caused a shortage of ink.

On the menu

Even lesser sought after tattoo shops in Bushwick, like Allied, the neighborhood’s so-called “only tattoo shop,” have felt the pains of Friday the 13th demand. Commented one tattoo artist, Mikey Dentface, a 43-year-old who used to work the scene primarily on the Lower East Side, where “edgier,” more color-driven tattoos are still desired, “I couldn’t believe the amount of skin I’ve come into contact with today.”

Another joint out of ink

As his hand visibly cramped up while he wielded the last of the ink on 31-year-old Marlena Davis (one of the few members of the millennial age bracket willing to riddle her body with multiple tattoos), Dentface added, “Really, it comes down to people being too cheap. Only the poor people come out to tattoo shops on Friday the 13th. It’s like, Jesus, get a real fuckin’ tattoo. God, I gotta find a job somewhere classier.” In any event, you might want to wait for the night rush to get your Friday the 13th tattoo–when the ink’s been replenished, ya penny pincher.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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