Ten Best Hangover Foods Located in Bushwick

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It’s no surprise that a recent list of the best hangover foods in Brooklyn were all concentrated specifically in Bushwick–hangover world capital. From pizza to tacos to pizza again, here are all the places in the neighborhood that made the cut for the place where a person can ail his or her broken capillary woes.

Bread Brothers

Bread Brothers Bagel Cafe: They serve fuckin’ bagels, okay? No one knows much else about it except that–and, like, it’s where you go when you can’t get to Bagelsmith.

You have to be drunk to go here, but you can be hungover too

Bushwick Pita Palace: This place is most ideal for when you’re already drunk. But it will do for hangovers, too. There’s no cuisine they don’t serve.

It’s got more than just coffee

Little Skips: They’ve got more than coffee, to be sure. And if you’re feeling like being bougie, there’s no better choice than the Norwegian sandwich. It’ll cure you of your ill health, but not your ill memories.

Artichoke used to be limited to the East Village, but its expansion to Bushwick has made hangover prevention possible for everyone

Artichoke Pizza: It used to be that Artichoke was exclusive solely to the city ilk, but ever since it’s made its entrance into Bushwick, pizza has officially become democratized.

Yeah, it’s Tina’s

Tina’s: Yeah, it’s there. It’s been there. It might always be there. And when you’re hungover, it doesn’t matter how apathetic the employees are or how gray the food is.

Lucy’s may take a while to get prepped, but it’s gon’ cure you

Honorary mention: Lucy’s Vietnamese: What could be more soul and body-soothing than ramen? Even when it takes a goddamn minute to prepare?
Lucha Lucha: With its mondo burrito portions, you can order just about everything and anything from this joint and gas out your hangover.

Get it

Sincerely Burger: Their mondo-sized burger is enough to negate all your plans for drunkorexia.

Brunch is king here

Heavy Woods: While some people think of Heavy Woods only as a place to procure a hangover, don’t forget that it also offers a wide array of food to help prevent a massive headache in the morning.

More Mexican food, yes

Los Hermanos: Yes, more tacos. Tacos and pizza are Bushwick’s bread and butter. And even though this shit is hella overpriced now thanks to Anthony Bourdain, it’s still relatively tried and true.

More pizza, classic hangover cure

Roberta’s: Another cliche food type on the list, Roberta’s (in spite of its pizzagate scandal) offers a slow but steady road to recovery if you have enough money to pay for roughly twenty pizzas to register with your stomach that you’ve eaten anything substantial.

So there you have it. Bushwick clearly has the remedy for whatever type of hangover ailment you might be suffering from. And, of course, you can always just grab a coconut water from one of the many competing bodegas.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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