The Beyonce-Bushwick Connection Continues

November 26, 2014 3 750 Celebrity Infiltration, News

Non-practical jewelry-makers ABCD have struck gold just in time to save their business from bankruptcy with Beyonce’s latest video, “7/11.” Released as the sixth single in promotion of a reissue of last year’s successful self-titled album, Beyonce chose to work with the Bushwick-based jewelers to “give the video an edgier feel.”

The Burning Bush spoke with one of Beyonce’s eleven publicists, Uniqlo Unique, a 30-year old who landed the job as the result of being a second cousin of the second cousin of Jay-Z. Unique stated, “Beyonce feels a lot of pressure right now to compete with harder rappers like Nicki Minaj and even Iggy Azalea. And then there’s the even hooder rappers like Bushwick Bill she wants to channel. That’s why she turned to Bushwick for a lil bit of cool cachet–some more rough-hewn flavor. (pausing to contemplate) I’m not sure I should have said that first part about Nicki Minaj and them. (another pause) Can I have a piece of this? (referencing a laxative-laced lasagna The Wicked Bitch of Bushwick had made for her new diet).

Wearing a headpiece from ABCD

Wearing a headpiece from ABCD

Whatever the reason Beyonce continues to feel the call of Bushwick (she was previously spotted dining with Jay-Z at Roberta’s), it can only mean more bad news for the regular people who live here, the non-Bushdicks. Not only can we barely pay rent, but now we can’t even afford the accessories in our own neighborhood. What is this world?

Written by Genna Rivieccio