The Dark Side Basic Bitch

December 17, 2017 Comments Off on The Dark Side Basic Bitch 257 News

At this point in time, the term “basic bitch” has been so overused–most of all by basic bitches themselves–that it’s been commodified by the likes of Urban Outfitters and certain local candlemakers to the point where it’s lost all of its original bitingness. And, as any basic bitch will tell you–like Basique Beech herself–the second something becomes “too popular,” people suddenly want no part of it. This is precisely why, out of nowhere and seemingly just in time for the “winter aesthetic” of NYC, the dark side of basic bitch has cropped up.

Dark side basix project a faux moody aura

One can’t turn her head upwards to take a shot of whiskey without spotting this sudden army of “dark siders” in outposts of every kind throughout Bushwick. Whether she’s pursuing photography, playing drums in a band called the Tonyas at Diamondlands or simply sketching Dominicans in Maria Hernandez Park, this new strain of “common” is everywhere. And one of the first people to call it out is Basique Beech herself, who has taken to dying her hair brown (it’s really weird and psychologically telling when blondes do this, by the way [see: Ashlee Simpson]–simply not as normal as a dark-haired girl going blonde) and wearing berets, one of the most common accessories of the dark side basic bitch.

Berets are a key accessory to evoking “moodiness”

“You certainly wouldn’t catch me wearing a beret in Paris at a reading or something–but you can bet I’m going to complete the look of my Lime Crime matte velvetine lipstick, Wicked, and unicorn hair with black leggings, combat boots, a beret and a military jacket or black trench. I just feel I’ve got to rail against the now all too expected convention of what a basic is. And it no longer means pumpkin spice lattes, pink lipgloss, blond hair, J. Crew and Uggs, okay? I’m different now. I’ve gone dark.” And so the light has dimmed on all women for any attempt at originality in their commonality. Save for Bjork, who still reinvents new ways to wear a labia on her body. Which is way more than “feminist” and non-dark side basic Lena Dunham can say.

Written by Genna Rivieccio, dark side basic bitch?

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