The Radiant Now Adding Happy Endings to Menu

March 3, 2015 1 533 Local Business, News

If you’ve ever made your way down Morgan Avenue past Brooklyn’s Natural, you’re probably all too familiar with The Radiant, which proudly advertises its massage services on a semi-erotic sandwich board. Located near Noll Street and Wilson Avenue, the business has long been luring customers from the L train with its subliminal advertising.

The Radiant's enticing sandwich board

The Radiant’s enticing sandwich board

Unfortunately, with all the penny-pinching that’s been going on in the neighborhood, many regular customers have cut back on their weekly or monthly massages. Thus, is it any wonder that The Radiant’s owner, Samantha Member, a 33-year-old with a degree in massage therapy, has had to add a “special addition” to her menu?

Where "the magic" happens

Where “the magic” happens

That addition, of course, is the tried and true, the always alluring happy ending. “It’s not something I felt super comfortable doing. I’m not fucking Jennifer Love-Hewitt from The Client List. But I knew it was going to be an inevitability at some point. After awhile, you can only charge so much without people naturally assuming there’s going to be a happy ending.” What separates The Radiant from most places is that they also offer male masseuses to give female clients a happy ending option as well. Needless to say, the bookings have vastly increased since the announcement.

Written by Genna Rivieccio




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