The Tarot Ho: Bringing The Craft to Bushwick

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With the ever-strong supernatural presence in Bushwick and a deep neighborhood love of Catland, one would assume that we were all full up on “witchery” here. But alas, one can never have enough of the occult in their life, as evidenced by The Tarot Ho, a magical businesswoman (which is a word in spite of what Jack Donaghy says) coming to a backyard bar near you.

The Tarot Ho takes an unconventional approach to teaching

The Tarot Ho takes an unconventional approach to teaching

Gertrude Grind, a 26-year-old who claims this is her real name when she’s not going by The Tarot Ho, has been practicing the art of tarot since she was just nine years old. “After my parents died in a fire that I’m pretty sure I caused with my mind, I started getting really into predicting the future so that I could always anticipate the agony of someone being ripped apart from you.”

Pull up a seat at Grind's table

Pull up a seat at Grind’s table

Grind moved to Bushwick about a year ago after watching a Girls marathon featuring the episode “Welcome to Bushwick a.k.a. The Crackcident,” feeling that the area was “calling to me.” Wanting to spread her gift to others, Grind drew up a business plan and brought it around to various bars throughout the neighborhood that specifically have a backyard. “An open environment with alcohol is key to teaching anything effectively. That’s why I’ll be offering my courses at locations like Bushwick Country Club, Forrest Point, Dear Bushwick and Three Diamond Door.” Starting in May, a time when perhaps we’ll know what the sun feels like again, Grind will be rotating her services on a daily and nightly basis at each of these bars. The cost is $50 per instruction. Drinks not included. Resultantly, Mystique Darqnis will be offering $25 dollar courses at Catland for a limited time only during the month of May in order to effectively compete.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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