The Ten Most Bushwick Professions

April 10, 2014 17 5059 Bushwick Jobs, Local Business

Mixed Media Artist: The broadness of the term “mixed media” is ideal for the directionlessness of most Bushwickians.

To keep from crying.

To keep from crying.

Freelancer: Of course, this is generally a polite way of saying unemployed, but, in some cases, denizens of the area work as freelance writers or graphic designers in order to keep renting out their thousand dollar rooms.

One penny per word. Keep typing.

One penny per word. Keep typing.

Barista: With the pervasiveness of cafes, including Swallow, Ange Noir, Variety and Strangeways, the opportunities for barista work are seemingly never ending. After all, they have to serve coffee to all those freelancers staring at their computers.

A barista is just as much a latte artist as a pourer of coffee.

A barista is just as much a latte artist as a pourer of coffee.

Unemployed: A purer form of Bushwick existence, people either came to these parts already unemployed in the hope of “winging it” or became unemployed as a result of Bushwick temptations.

Performance Artist: See: Witches of Bushwick (because being a modern witch and hanging out at Tandem counts as performance art in this neighborhood) or that guy who hangs out by Myrtle Broadway near Bizarre wearing a cape and making avid hand motions.

Collage Artist: See: Brooklyn Collage Collective or the walls of my apartment.

Server: Roberta’s, Momo and 1 Knickerbocker are just some of the restaurants to choose from. Apart from barista, server is the most prolific profession for turnaround and available positions.

Trust Fund Baby: A classier version of being unemployed.

Bartender: Every bartender is a patron saint of what Bushwick stands for: Fun, frills and frivolity.

Couch Surfer: Usually goes hand in hand with being unemployed. But sometimes couch surfers crash on people’s sofas while they have a job in order to save up for that signature thousand dollar room.

No matter how long you’re planning to set up shop in Bushwick, one or more of these professions will invariably befall you. So choose wisely, or you might as well be working in a cube.

Written by Genna Rivieccio