The White-ification of Lil’ Brklyn Pizza

November 18, 2014 1 475 Pizza, Restaurants

After an incident in which local man Antonio Boordane suffered from onion breath for two weeks after eating pizza at Lil’ Brklyn on Bushwick Avenue, the establishment has decided to seek new management in order to help not only its business, but the breath of its customers. Before being dubbed Lil’ Brklyn, some of you may remember that it was once called Lil’ Romeo before that. But now, in the spirit of some other re-branding that’s been going on, they’re stamping out any trace of an “urban” feel by re-naming the joint Little Brooklyn Taste.

A sign indicating things to come

A sign indicating things to come

When The Burning Bush tried to ask former manager Juan Felur about the reasons for his exile from Lil’ Brklyn, he seethed, “They just want to keep white-ifying the neighborhood. I guess they think if they spell out the word ‘little’ it will help mask the fact that the pizza’s total shit.” The new manager of the pizza place, Eugene Levitz, would not comment on Felur’s response, but did mention that “there’s going to be a lot of new appeal to the restaurant. Tchotchkes and red and white checked tablecloths. That sort of thing.”

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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