The Wicked Bitch of Bushwick, Vol. 5: “Trying to Navigate Life Outside of Bushwick By Going to Its Polar Opposite–The Hamptons”

August 15, 2014 1 604 The Wicked Bitch of Bushwick

When you’re just a simple Bushwickian, amenable to any suggestion featuring the mention of alcohol, it’s hard to comprehend what life is like outside this bubble. At The Burning Bush, we don’t exactly pride ourselves on “expanding our horizons” (unless, of course, you’re referring to some sort of psychotropic dealio), but, in order to better serve our community, we tried to go somewhere we thought would be the polar opposite of what Bushwick existence is like: The Hamptons. What did we learn? There’s no point in leaving Bushwick ever, because every place else outside of New York City just seems populated by some strain of New Jerseyan–Long Island being just such a place. 

Dedicated to Season 2 of Sex and the City.

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