Tina’s Makes No Apologies for Food That Tastes Like Cardboard With Latest Ad Campaign

February 16, 2015 3 548 Food, Local Business, News

Tina’s, which continues to suffer from an irrevocable apathy pandemic, has proven itself to be the continued no fucks given establishment in Bushwick with its latest unprecedented ad campaign, which you may have noticed by now if you’ve wandered the streets drunkenly late at night in search of sustenance. Showcasing self-deprecation at its finest, Tina’s shows other businesses how it’s done.

Tinas: "Not improved."

Tinas: “Not improved.”

Asserting with unabashed pride, “Not New. Not Improved. The Classic,” Tina’s is essentially saying: “Yeah, our food tastes like cardboard, but we’ve been here the longest.” The complementary sign next to it, which states, “Tina’s for strength,” is also a reference to how beloved the establishment is by local drunks staggering in on their last legs in the middle of the night.

At Tina's, you'll eat what you're given

At Tina’s, you’ll eat what you’re given

The advertising strategist behind the campaign, Luke Castigate, the 34-year-old former head of Creative Services at Ogilvy & Mather, spoke briefly with The Burning Bush about the method behind his madness. “Why bother trying to upsell something that isn’t there? By admitting to the very glaring faults of this restaurant, it becomes endearing to locals who cherish it for what it is: a hub for drunks with non-heightened taste buds.” So there you have it. Now tell us Tina’s hasn’t gotten into your head (and your belly). 

Written by Genna Rivieccio