Tina’s Self-Promoting Advertising Replaced by American Eagle Ads

March 9, 2015 1 2401 Advertising, Local Business, News, Restaurants

In the wake of Tina’s self-promotional self-deprecating advertising, the restaurant was unable to resist a multi-million dollar billboard buyout from American Eagle. After Tina’s prompt acceptance of the offer, ads espousing the restaurant’s tried-and-true reliability in the absence of quality were promptly replaced.

New American Eagle ads outside of Tina's

New American Eagle ads outside of Tina’s

“How could we have resisted? They literally made us an offer we couldn’t refuse,” noted Tina’s advertising strategist Luke Castigate. “Granted, I thought the campaign I came up with was far more brilliant than the likes of American Eagle’s generic looking models and clothing could ever possibly hope for. But the money was too good, so why should I worry about creative integrity? If Tina’s is happy with the deal, so am I–I get 15% of the profits, after all.”

American Eagle ads starting to look a lot like walking through Bushwick

American Eagle ads starting to look a lot like walking through Bushwick

American Eagle’s representative for Bushwick area advertising, Sheila Peddler, commented, “With COACH infiltrating the neighborhood, we saw an undeniable red flag about the ever-changing style that’s shifted from shabby chic to preppy sweet. There’s no arguing that as Bushwickians age and more people in their forties move in as it’s becoming the sort of place that only their income bracket can afford, American Eagle has become a perfectly acceptable brand for these residents to embrace.” Alas, there is a certain amount of truth to Peddler’s logic, which means a brick-and-mortar American Eagle store could be next–not to mention subsequent ad campaigns above Tina’s from other major corporations like Old Navy and Ann Taylor.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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