Tinder Date or Friends?

February 11, 2015 3 712 Relationships, Sexuality

Sometimes, when you’re sitting at a bar by yourself (because, who are you kidding, you probably always are), you have to come up with some source of entertainment to amuse yourself other than your goddamn phone. Any Bushwickian knows that the best way to pass the time while you’re “waiting for someone” is to play a little game called Tinder Date or Friends?

This man is recoiling--verdict: Tinder date!

This man is recoiling–verdict: Tinder date!

The game is fairly simple, and even more fun if you’re slightly buzzed or, better yet, completely fucked up. All you have to do is take a look around the bar you’re in, hone in on couples–or what appear to be couples–and ask yourself, “Tinder date or friends?” The self-proclaimed “inventor” of the pastime, Henrik Bolsak, a German-American who spends a lot of time at Ridgewood bar Lecken der Bier, told The Burning Bush, “The complexities of Tinder relationships are far more apparent than those of normal friendships, and therefore should be easier to spot.”

Another classic case of Tinder date

Another classic case of Tinder date

As case in point, body language is what Bolsak listed as the number one indicator of whether or not someone is on a Tinder date. “Typically,” Bolsak noted, “one of the parties looks as though they’re trying to recoil–usually the man.” Then again, this could easily be true of friendships, especially if we’re going by everything Julia Roberts taught us in My Best Friend’s Wedding.

Written by Genna Rivieccio