Walter’s in Bushwick Closes Because Owner “Prefers Istanbul”

May 16, 2017 Comments Off on Walter’s in Bushwick Closes Because Owner “Prefers Istanbul” 251 Local Business

Just as Walter’s was hitting its stride, securing a steady following after getting over the whole causing a resurgence of meth use thing, now it’s gone and decided to leave Bushwick behind. The reason? Well, the owner, Aslan Lion, has decided it is time to summon himself back to Istanbul, where the coffee joint originally stemmed from.

Original Walter’s in Istanbul

“I just think people appreciate it more there. That’s why I even have a coffee maker that looks like a meth making machine you can take a picture in front of there, put on hazmat suits too, if you want. But in Bushwick, there’s no appreciation for novelty. It’s just expected.”

The kitsch of original Walter’s

“It’s true,” said one regular patron, Nami Aygul, a 33-year-old who goes back and forth between Brooklyn and Istanbul for her job as a photographer for some magazine that’s called like Plastik or something. “The other Walter’s has a lot more edge. This location just feels utilitarian and Japanese to me.” And apparently, Aslan prefers Istanbul anyway–random bombs going off or not, it’s still a lot more interesting than Bushwick. Anyway, keep your eyes open for a clothing store specializing in men’s rompers to open in its place.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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