We the Femmes Burn Girls DVDs in Effigy After Shoplifting Them From Union Square Best Buy

November 18, 2017 0 269 News

As Lena Dunham’s unprecedented response to Aurora Perrineau’s sexual assault claim against Murray Miller continues to draw feminist vitriol, everyone’s favorite local bocce ball team–sometimes better known as We the Femmes–have jumped quickly on the smear campaign.

The hordes of We the Femmes gather to pay dishonor to Lena Dunham

Somewhat mimicking The Cosby Show DVD burning that took place at House of Maybe recently, the organizer of the Girls DVD burning, Lara Commensurate, a 23-year-old who sells baskets made of pubic hair off Morgan Avenue, explained, “This bitch is going down. And I don’t usually call other women bitches because it’s, like, against my morals, but Lena Dunham is a fucking bitch for turning her fat back on her fellow female.” Commensurate added, “The best part is, we shoplifted [the DVDs] from the Best Buy in Union Square so we wouldn’t contribute financially in any way to her false empire.”

Scared shitless in her impression of a feminine ideal

The burning has been going on since approximately 6 p.m. yesterday at various stops along the L, with the greatest show of non-support for Dunham’s response to the accusation lodged against Murray being on Troutman Avenue, where We the Femmes bears a strong relationship to House of Maybe and rampant #GRLGANG graffiti. “By the time we’re through, we’ll have burned every Girls DVD in existence. And even though people can still watch her literal naked ass online, we think the symbolism of what we’re doing is pretty strong,” Commensurate wrapped up as she threw down another match on the DVD containing the episode “Females Only.” Dunham no longer belongs to that crowd.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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