Woodhull Put on Bushwick Map As Point of Attraction for Tourists

October 30, 2014 3 757 News

Anyone who’s ever been to Woodhull, whether as a patient or a passerby, knows that it’s no place you actually want to know about. If you find yourself in this area, it’s never usually for a good reason. In fact, it’s probably likely that you’ve blacked out on your bike on Knickerbocker and had to be taken there simply because it was the closest medical facility.

Is this someplace you'd want to visit as a tourist?

Is this someplace you’d want to visit as a tourist?

And then, after awakening in something that’s supposed to be a hospital bed, but is actually more like a cot that might have been used in a Civil War tent, you just try to get the hell out of there, but your IV hasn’t been taken out and you actually have to ask someone to do it for you, instead of it naturally being done upon your discharge. In any case, the Bushwick Board of Tourism (which Planet Fitness has a heavy influence over) has felt it mysteriously appropriate to add the hospital prominently on its list of tourist attractions in the neighborhood. We’re thinking since this map was created in October, the board is still too much in the Halloween/haunted house mindset to understand what it’s done. Then again, Bushwick tourist attractions should probably have a kitsch vibe. So be sure to take all your foreign friends to this delightful little horror on the way to Roberta’s.

Written by Genna Rivieccio