Zosia Mamet to Throw Massive Housewarming Party at New Pad

March 26, 2014 7 1479 Gentrification, Parties

It’s no secret that Shoshanna from Girls a.k.a. Zosia Mamet a.k.a. David Mamet’s daughter just bought an overpriced 2,500 square foot building in Bushwick. But what has been kept under wraps is that Mamet plans to throw a huge party for this momentous occasion.

As a 25-year-old, nothing screams realism like knocking out a four apartment building and making it your own giant space. And as cast member of one of the most realistic shows about Brooklyn on TV, it obviously makes sense that Mamet would want to put a giant nail in the coffin of gentrification.

Polite party hostess.

Polite party hostess.

So come one, come all. The party starts and never stops as soon as Shoshanna moves in!